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As a UT employee, it is important for you to know your obligations if a student or employee reports sexual assault, sexual misconduct, relationship violence, or stalking and retaliation concerns.

Mandatory reporters are required to report incidents covered by the university’s policy on sexual misconduct, relationship violence, and stalking. They are also required to assist the complainant, encourage him or her to report to law enforcement, and review to see whether the incident involves child abuse.

Are You a Mandatory Reporter?

If the complainant is a student, you must report if you are an exempt staff member, a faculty member, an academic advisor, an advisor for a student organization, a resident assistant, a graduate assistant (in some cases), a campus security authority, or a Human Resources employee.

If the complainant is a UT employee, most nonsupervisory employees are not required to report.

For additional resources and detailed information, view the full policy at

To Report

Call 865-974-HELP (4357) to speak with a member of the Center for Health Education and Wellness.

Call 865-974-2498 to speak with the Title IX coordinator, senior deputy coordinator, or a staff member at the Office of Equity and Diversity.