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A graduate student in the Department of Chemistry has designed the cover art for a recent issue of a well-known industry journal.

Preeti Chandrachud, a fifth-year graduate student, also published a paper in the journal Organometallics. The editorial board selected the article as a top manuscript and designated it for the cover feature. Because Chandrachud is an amateur painter, the board invited her to design the cover art for the issue.

Chandrachud works in the lab of David Jenkins, associate professor of chemistry. Her research group investigates new methods for homogeneous aziridination catalysis. Homogenous catalysis involves preparing catalysts that dissolve in solutions to accelerate a chemical reaction, in this case aziridination. Aziridination is the process of forming a triangular ring with one nitrogen and two carbon atoms.

“Aziridines are important because of their presence in many biologically significant compounds, some of which have anti-tumor and antibacterial properties,” said Chandrachud. “More importantly, aziridines are intermediates for making complicated pharmaceuticals. One example is in the synthesis of Tamiflu.”

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