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Nathan Kelly, associate professor of political science, wrote this column for The Hill about financial deregulation, the Republican Party repeating history and Democrats’ need to break from the recent past.

He noted that despite Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton, her need to bring in voters from the Sanders camp will put leftward pressure on her campaign, even as she begins pivoting back to center for the general election.

He added that recently introduced legislation will dismantle the Dodd-Frank Act, President Obama’s historic financial reform legislation passed in the wake of the Great Recession. Donald Trump has already endorsed the idea of repeal. “For Secretary Clinton, full-throated denunciation of repeal will draw a clear distinction between her and Mr. Trump as well as signal to Bernie Sanders supporters that she may be willing to take on Wall Street and steer the party back towards the pre-Reagan era of strong financial regulation.”

Read the full story online. The Hill is a newspaper for and about Congress.