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The UT Board of Trustees on Thursday approved merit/market salary increases for faculty and staff, as well as a tuition plan with the lowest rate increase in more than thirty years.

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This will be the sixth year in a row that UT Knoxville faculty and staff will be eligible for pay raises. The UT Knoxville 3 percent pool will be used for merit pay and to address market and equity pay issues.

All UT Knoxville twelve-month faculty and staff who receive raises will see the increases in August, retroactive to July 1. Raises for nine-month faculty and flex-year employees will be effective in August. All UT Knoxville twelve-month faculty, monthly staff, and biweekly staff must be active on payroll as of June 30 to be eligible. Nine-month faculty and flex-year employees must be active as of July 31.

The Board of Trustees also approved a 2.2 percent increase in tuition over last year for most UT Knoxville undergraduates, the lowest rate increase since 1983.

The only exception to the 2.2 percent tuition is for UT Knoxville students who first enrolled in fall 2013, spring 2014, or summer 2014, who will see a 3 percent increase over last year. These students were the first to pay tuition based on the 15-4 model and have been held to 3 percent annual tuition increases each year, even when rate increases for other students were higher. The out-of-state portion of undergraduate tuition will not increase, so out-of-state undergraduates will pay about 1 percent more for tuition over last year’s rate.

UT Knoxville students will see small increases in the Facilities Fee and the Student Program and Services Fee.

All new tuition and fee schedules are available on the One Stop website.