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The Central Program Council is now the Campus Events Board, the Center for Student Engagement announced earlier this week.

CEB continues to operate as the largest student-run programming board on campus. The student leaders were encouraged to reimagine the programming board to meet the current needs of the student body. As a result, the CEB has a refreshed mission and new changes to its structure.

CEB now consist of three committees; arts and culture, entertainment, and issues. Additionally, staff member workloads were assessed and redistributed to allow advisors to focus on student outreach, engagement, and retention efforts.

Two committees went through the re-registration process to become registered student organizations independent from CEB. The Women’s Coordinating Council, best known for Take Back the Night and other events that shed light on women’s issues, is now advised by Billie Amatus-Salaam, a wellness coordinator in the Center for Health Education and Wellness. All Campus Events, known for All-Sing, Carnicus, and homecoming competitions, is advised by Michael Bailey, a graduate assistant in the CSE.

For more information, contact Ashleigh Moyer, CSE director, at or 865-974-5455.