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Beginning in the fall 2016 semester, the university will begin charging for faculty and staff parking through a tiered, equitable pay structure.
The changes are the result of feedback from employees and research conducted about faculty and staff parking at other large universities.
Employee permits for the 2015-16 academic year expire on July 31. The new pay structure will take effect for permits that begin on August 1.
The new employee payment structure has four cost levels and is based on an employee’s annual compensation.
Here are the levels:
  • $29,999 and under annual compensation will pay $20 per month
  • $30,000 to $59,999 will pay $30 per month
  • $60,000 to $149,999 will pay $35 per month
  • $150,000 and over annual compensation will pay $50 per month
Most faculty and staff will see no change to the price they currently pay, while a substantial number of our staff will begin paying less.
This change was approved by the campus Transit and Parking Committee on April 15.
This change will apply to Knoxville-area UT employees. This change will also be applicable to those needing to purchase the new accessible/handicapped permit, paying the same standard rates as all other staff.

The new equitable parking rates will apply to unreserved staff parking only.  Gated garages and reserved spaces have a separate set of rates for those who wish to purchase this type of parking.

Contracted employees (not paid by UT) will pay the default rate of $30.00 a month for unreserved parking.

Contact Parking and Transit Services at 865-974-6031 or with any questions.