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The Daily Beacon, UT’s editorially independent and entirely student written, produced, and managed, campus newspaper, won multiple awards during theĀ 2016 Tennessee Associated Press Broadcasters and Media Editors’ annual college media contest. The awards were presented Saturday, April 9, at the John Seigenthaler Center at Vanderbilt University.

When asked what she attributes the success of the newspaper to, director of student media Rachel McClelland said “the staff members of the Daily Beacon are thoroughly committed to covering news that affects the UT campus. They approach their work like professionals and strive to tell stories that matter to our campus community.”

“I’m proud to be a part of their effort and witness how the Beacon is preparing them for careers in the field. We all are benefitting from this learning lab environment on our campus,” she said.

Best News Graphic or Illustration

1st, UT Knoxville, “Daily Beacon Illustration Collection II,” Katrina Roberts, Justin Keyes

2nd, UT Knoxville, “Daily Beacon Illustration Collection I,” Dillon Canfield

Best News Story

1st, UT Knoxville, “Jimmy Cheek Asked To Resign Amid Holiday Post on Diversity,” Tanner Hancock

Honorable Mention: UT Knoxville, “Sound of Silence,” Liv McConnell

Best Newspaper Reporter

1st, UT Knoxville, “Liv McConnell – In-Depth News,” Liv McConnell

Honorable Mention, UT Knoxville, “Tanner Hancock – Campus News,” Tanner Hancock

Best Specialized / Topic Reporting

Honorable Mention, UT Knoxville, “Arts Renaissance in Downtown Knoxville,” Michael Lipps.

Best Sports Reporting

1st, UT Knoxville, “Jones’ Roots Explain How Head Coach Became Mentally Tough,” Jonathan Toye;

3rd, UT Knoxville, “Dobbs, Teammates Connect Through Virtual Soccer Game,” Jonathan Toye.