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A pair of UT engineering students will soon be getting recognition from one of the key groups in their field.

The Tennessee chapter of the American Council of Engineering Companies has selected Kyle Goodrick and Kelli Grissom as its 2016 scholarship recipients.

Goodrick, a senior in electrical engineering, and Grissom, a junior in civil engineering, were chosen from a pool of applicants based on their successes both in the classroom and beyond.

Goodrick achieved that off-campus success as one of the UT students involved in the 3-D printing of a car, while Grissom has taken numerous study abroad trips to places like Austria and Romania.

“UT has helped me make more connections with the professional world than I would have thought possible,” said Grissom. “The study abroad trips really opened me up to what was possible, while being involved with the American Society of Civil Engineers is something I never dreamed I could do but was made available to me because of my experiences at UT.

“I love this university.”

Students are judged based on grades, work experience, activities, and an essay.

While Grissom has participated in alternative fall, summer, and spring break trips, Goodrick is no stranger to overseas travel either.

He recently returned to UT from a semester abroad with the Munich University of Applied Science in Germany, which he followed with an internship at Siemens headquarters, also in Munich.

He said the year or so in Germany was “a once-in-a-lifetime experience” and that he was grateful to go. He added that the funds he’ll receive as part of his ACEC selection come at a perfect time now that he has returned to UT.

“I’m very excited to have less money to worry about now that I’m back at UT,” said Goodrick.

For winning the state-level scholarship, each student will receive $1,000 and will also be entered for the national drawing and its $20,000 prize.

The pair will receive the awards Tuesday during a meeting of the local ACEC chapter.

UT Director of Design Andy Powers will be guest speaker for the event, which will highlight the recently updated master plan for the campus.

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