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Chris_FedoChris Fedo is one of the newest members of the Curiosity Mars Rover mission.

Fedo, the Carden Professor of Sedimentary Geology in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, is one of six newcomers NASA selected for the rover’s science team. NASA recently chose a total of twenty-eight researchers as participating scientists for the mission.

Eighty-nine scientists around the world submitted research proposals for using data from Curiosity and becoming participating scientists on the Mars Science Laboratory Project, which built and operates the rover. The twenty-eight selected by NASA are part of a science team that also includes about 120 other members, mainly the principal investigators and co-investigators for the rover’s 10 science instruments. The team also includes about 320 science-team collaborators, such as the investigators’ associates and students.

Fedo’s research focuses on sedimentary geology. Learn more about his research online.