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A leading national expert in renewable energy and energy storage will deliver the second lecture of the spring in the College of Engineering’s Distinguished Lecture Series at 1:45 p.m. on Monday, February 29.

mariesa-crowMariesa Crow will give her presentation, “VRB Energy Storage Performance Characterization for Microgrid Applications,” in Room 307 of the Science and Engineering Research Facility.

Crow is the Fred Finley Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, and a leading national expert in renewable energy and energy storage.

Her presentation will cover these areas, with an emphasis on the importance of predicting and modeling the characteristics, advantages, and limitations of such systems.

“To achieve optimal use of renewable energy resources and energy storage, the energy storage system must be modeled accurately and must include all parasitic and operational losses from environmental controls,” said Crow. “Furthermore, the energy storage operation must be modeled in conjunction with the particular renewable resource with which it will be used.”

A device known as a vanadium redox battery is central to this research. Crow is developing methods of testing the VRB’s charge, power loss, and efficiencies in photovoltaic, or solar, systems.

Crow is a fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and serves as vice president of publications for its Power and Energy Society.

She has served in leadership roles on more than $21 million worth of research for the National Science Foundation, the US Departments of Energy, Defense, Transportation, and Education, and the state of Missouri, as well as for utility companies.

Like other lectures in the series, Crow’s presentation will be simulcast online.

Those viewing the live webcast will be able to pose questions at the end of the discussion, while those who are interested in the presentation but aren’t able to attend can watch an archived video.



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