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Derek_AldermanDerek Alderman has been elected vice president of the American Association of Geographers, the premier academic and professional geography organization in the United States.

Alderman, head of the Department of Geography, begins his term this summer.

He will run unopposed to become the president next year, according to the organization’s practice.

“This is a huge honor for me and something that would have not have not been possible without the support of many of my colleagues, including faculty and students, here at UT,” Alderman said.

Alderman is an expert in cultural and historical geography, specifically related to public memory, heritage tourism, the civil rights movement, and African-American history. His research has been highlighted by such media outlets as BBC News Magazine, USA Today, CNN, and Reuters.

The American Association of Geographers is a nonprofit scientific and educational society founded in 1904. The organization has contributed to the advancement of geography. Its members hail from more than sixty countries and share interests in the theory, methods, and practice of geography.