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Scott Kelly featiured

NASA astronaut—and UT Space Institute graduate—Scott Kelly recent spent some high-altitude time on Tumblr, answering questions as part of that social media service’s “Answer Time” segment.

Kelly, currently in the middle of a one year mission aboard the International Space Station, answered questions on a variety of topics, including

  • The first thing he’ll do when he gets back: Hug his family
  • What his daily routine is like: Up at 6:45 a.m., working until 8 p.m., sleep two hours later
  • What viewing Earth is like from space: You realize how fragile it is

In addition to the more serious questions, Tumblr users also tossed up some off-the-radar queries such as what burping is like in space (he’s never done it), if he had to bring his own hot sauce (yes), and ‘are you really in space?’ to which he replied, “Yes. Really. And now I am in space over New Orleans…and now I’m over Mobile, Alabama.”

Kelly returns to his home planet in March, having already accrued more time in space than any other American. By that time, he will have spent 522 days in orbit.