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Did you know that UT students are more likely to work with a faculty member on a research project than peers at similar institutions? This information comes from the National Survey of Student Engagement. The responses help instructors continuously develop their courses and add more options like research opportunities.

Yesterday, freshmen and senior students received an invitation to participate in this year’s NSSE survey.  NSSE can only be access by the link in the e-mail. Take a few minutes to find it and complete the questionnaire.

NSSE gives students the opportunity to provide feedback on their UT experiences, asking about in class activities, how often you experience diverse perspectives in discussions and assignments, and how often you are asked to critically evaluate a point of view, decision or information source.

The survey also investigates student perceptions of UT’s efforts to create an educational environment that supports successful student learning. For instance, NSSE asks students how much their institution emphasizes time spent on academic work, or how much their experience at the institution contributed to their ability to solve complex real-world problems.

If you did not receive an e-mail, or if you need assistance with NSSE, please contact Elizabeth Pemberton, campus liaison for NSSE.