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Meridium Inc. and UT’s College of Engineering recently announced a new partnership, with Rupy Sawhney, UT’s Heath Fellow in Business and Engineering and a professor in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering describing the agreement as the perfect siuation.

“Meridium is a leader at looking at data from the business side, whereas we are in looking at it from an educational and research side,” said Sawhney. “This is one of those rare, perfect opportunities where two groups compliment one another perfectly to the betterment of both.”

Now, the development is drawing the attention of industry news outlets.

Bloomberg Business highlighted the news as key “information to know” about Meridium on the company’s profile on their site.

“Meridium is excited to launch this new chapter with the University of Tennessee to equip the next generation of reliability and maintenance engineers with the skills needed to manage big data, reduce risk and develop intelligent asset strategies,” said Paul Casto, Vice President of Meridium. “We believe these students will contribute to the future of digital industry with their innovation and advanced skill sets.”


The full release can be seen at Meridium’s site.