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The supply chain program in the Haslam College of Business is ranked fourth internationally by the The SCM Journal List for research publication output.

Steve Mangum, dean of the college and Stokely Foundation Leadership Chair, said the rankings reflect the college’s commitment to impactful research.

“We strive to improve the world of business and to inspire better practices across the globe,” he said. “Our supply chain program is a prime example of how academic experts can work with, learn from, and inspire innovations to industry professionals.”

The SCM Journal List identifies eight journals that publish research across a broad spectrum of analytical and empirical supply chain arenas.

Annual ranks are based on the previous five years of publications.

“At long last we have a ranking that captures our field’s research output with reasonable objectivity,” said Chad Autry, William J. Taylor Professor of Supply Chain Management for the college and editor in chief of the Journal of Supply Chain Management.

The college shares the top-five distinction with Michigan State University, Arizona State University, The Ohio State University, and the University of Arkansas.

The SCM Journal List has been endorsed by faculty from 200 of the most prestigious business schools worldwide.


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