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Students and staff in the Center for Health Education and Wellness created a time-lapse video of themselves painting the Rock to thank the campus community for their participation in the Red Zone awareness event in September.

Red Zone is a term used to describe a period of time in the fall semester when students are statistically more at risk for sexual assault.

The five pop-up installations hosted by the center were located at Presidential Court, Pedestrian Walkway, Alumni Memorial Building, the agricultural campus, and Fraternity Row. Over the course of a month, over 1,000 informational cards and 1,200 consent t-shirts were distributed, and approximately 1,500 students, faculty, and staff signed the Red Zone canvas.

Faculty and staff have an important role to play in a culture that truly lives up to the “Vols Help Vols” culture. Sexual assault is a community-wide issue. Faculty and staff can support students by knowing the resources on campus where students can access support or request training. Faculty can incorporate active learning opportunities related to changing the statistics through classroom discussion, assignments, projects, or attending events.