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Wondering what steps you can take to finish strong this semester? Anton Reece, executive director of the Student Success Center, offers students some tips on how to make the best of the last few days of classes.

1. Do you remember the syllabus your professor gave you at the beginning of the semester that had assignments, due dates, and class policies? If you haven’t done so lately, pull out your class syllabi and make sure you are up to date with final assignments, projects, and deadlines. Remember, some professors make modifications to class throughout the semester, so it’s also a good idea to check Blackboard for updates and talk to your professor during office hours.

2. While you are talking to your professor about the syllabus, review your grade status and be sure you know where you stand in the class. Your professors want you to succeed, and office hours are designed to give you time to ask questions that will help you prepare for final exams.

3. Do you have a study plan? Have you mapped out when you are going to study, where, and how? The most successful students start their final exams prep early. Cramming at the last minute is ineffective and often leads to poor results, so make a study plan today and remember to use campus resources like the Student Success Center, the Office of Multicultural Student Life, the Tutoring Lab, the Writing Center, and all of UT’s other excellent academic resources.

4. As you plan your steps to finish strong, remember to plan time for yourself and stay healthy. Take breaks while studying, exercise at TRECS to relieve stress, and get plenty of sleep. All of these steps are essential to feeling strong for finals.

5. Finally, be confident! A positive attitude and expectation of success keeps you grounded and focused.

Follow these simple steps, and you will be on the right path to finish strong this semester!

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