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Thanos Papanicolaou
Thanos Papanicolaou

A recent study led in part by UT professor Thanos Papanicolaou has foundĀ a growing audience online, thanks in part to the revelation that the effects of the Dust Bowl continued well into the 1980s, far longer than previously thought.

Papanicolaou, the Goodrich Chair of Excellence, teamed with the University of Illinois (which served as lead institution) and several other major universities on the report.

Science World Report highlighted the fact that the report could be used to improve farming techniques, while Nature World News pointed out that some of the agricultural techniques that did the most damage might still be in use.

The National Science Foundation as well as Phys.Org both also linked to the study, with the NSF’s Science 360 Newsletter making it the top story of the day.

A more scientifically-oriented version of the release can be found here, while a “plain speak” version can be found here.