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Graduate students at UT oftentimes feel lost in a sea of undergrads. However, there are twenty-eight individuals at the UT Library who are available for the needs of every individual graduate student.

Each of the twenty-eight subject specific librarians is featured in this series of installments to familiarize students with their subject matter and expertise. This is the second installment of the five-part series that will occur throughout the remainder of the semester.

The following librarians are available for students to utilize during their time at UT. The expansive knowledge each has within their given field serves as a valuable resource for graduate students.

Alan Wallace

alanwallaceAlan Wallace is the subject librarian for many subjects, including art education; cinema studies; education; educational psychology; instructional technology studies; psychology; theory and practice in teaching; and exercise, sport and leisure studies.

Browse Alan Wallace’s research guides.

Judy Li

judy liAs the business librarian, Judy Li serves the needs of students and faculty in all programs in the Haslam College of Business Administration; retail, hospitality and tourism management; and advertising. As the libraries’ business liaison, she provides research consultations, information literacy instruction, and collection development in those disciplines. Judy also works with MBA candidates pursuing their degrees remotely through the HCB’s Graduate and Executive Education program designed for working professionals.

Q: Favorite book?

A: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Q: Best moment of your career?

A: The moment of “the present.”

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Chris Caldwell

chris caldwellChris Caldwell is the theater subject librarian. In this role, he helps theater students research every aspect of the performing arts, from the performance history of a work to biography and criticism to primary source design material for technical theater. In addition, he is the humanities services librarian and the Libraries’ liaison to the UT Humanities Center. As the humanities services librarian, he serves the information needs of students and faculty in English and theater, providing research consultations, instruction in the use of information resources, and collection development for those disciplines. As the liaison to the UT Humanities Center, he is available to assist visiting faculty and graduate fellows and to make library purchases in support of their research.

Q: If you could tell students about one resource available to them that doesn’t seem to be widely known, what would it be?

A: There are more databases that our UT research community has access to than most can imagine–631 is the most recent count. Dive in, regardless of your discipline, and remember that there are plenty of lifeguards (librarians) around if you need help.

Q: Kindle or paperback book?

A: I prefer crumbling books, because the dust is proven to have magical qualities. Seriously, though, while I prefer physical, traditional “books as objects,”  I also use mobile devices just as often. I think it’s helpful to be omnivorous and ingest the knowledge however it comes to us.

Learn more about Chris Caldwell.

Nathalie Hristov

In addition to being an associate professor in the School of Music, Nathalie Hristov is the music librarian for tech services. In this role, she works as the professional cataloger for music. She is responsible for overseeing all activities related to the cataloging and processing of music materials. She also provides collection development, reference, and bibliographic instructional services for the School of Music faculty and students.

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

A: I love so many things about my job, it certainly is difficult to say. I learn something new every day, and this is certainly one of the best aspects of the job. When I help others look for resources in answer to their research questions, I often make discoveries that are important to my own personal and professional interests.

Q: Favorite book?

A: This also changes from week to week, but I do find myself reading Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel whenever I get a chance. I have probably read that book three times already.

Q: Best moment of your career?

A: Collaborating with the School of Music and several community organizations in the creation of the Ready for the World Music Series. It was tremendously inspiring and fulfilling to be part of such a large project to reflect the beauty and richness of the art, music, and culture from around the world right here in East Tennessee.

Learn more about Nathalie Hristov.

Anna Sandelli

annaWhile Anna Sandelli is the student success librarian for undergraduate user experience, she also implements library programs and services that encourage learning and engagement for graduate students and special student populations. She serves as the libraries’ liaison to transfer students and to UT’s service-learning initiatives, as well as to other librarians in their development of engagement programs for graduate students. For undergraduate students, she is the subject librarian for communication studies.

Q: What is one resource you wish you had in college?

A: In college, I continually found myself amazed–and, at times, overwhelmed–by how many resources a university library offered. What didn’t occur to me until I was a graduate student was that librarians themselves were among these resources, and that they had the expertise to not only help me find materials but to develop strategies that would help me better search for information and evaluate the results of my searches.

Q: Best moment of your career?

A: It’s great to hear students’ stories of exploring their interests and carving out their own unique niche on campus. I also enjoy seeing students I’ve first met at orientation sessions or in an English 101 class come back months later to share that they’re now an orientation leader themselves, or that they navigated their class and their assignments. It means a lot to know that they’ve taken time out a busy day to share that.

Learn more about Anna Sandelli.

Steven Milewski

steven milewskiAs digital media technologies librarian, Steven Milewski is an expert on streaming collections and technologies. He is also the subject librarian for social work, providing information literacy instruction, research consultations, and collection development for students and faculty within the college. In addition to these roles, he serves as libraries’ liaison to the UT Office of Disability Services.

Learn more about Steven Milewski.

Kelly Tilton

Kelly Tilton’s focus is information literacy instruction, specifically working with students enrolled in English 101, 102, and 118.

Browse Kelly Tilton’s research guides.

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