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Have you heard your professors mention going to Supplemental Instruction (SI) for help? Are you looking for help in some of your classes but don’t know where to turn?

SI leaders and tutors at the Student Success Center on the third floor of Greve Hall can help you with these questions.

Supplemental Instruction sessions are out-of-class meetings designed to get students working together to develop strategies to master course content, review material, and prepare for quizzes and tests. Each session is facilitated by a trained SI leader, a student who has successfully completed the course in a previous semester. SI leaders are already familiar with course materials and lectures and are also attending a section of the course this semester to ensure they’re on the same page as you.

In each session the SI leader helps make sure you’re on the right track by offering support and guidance as you work together as a group to develop note-taking strategies, study skills, organization techniques, vocabulary review, and test prep. In other words, SI sessions will help you gain mastery of course content and be more prepared for all of your assignments.

Supplemental Instruction is available for the following classes this semester: Chemistry 100, 110, 120, 130, 350, and 360; Math 130; Computer Science 102; Spanish 211 and 212; Accounting 200; and Psychology 110. The full schedule of times and locations are on the SSC website.

Maybe one-on-one sessions are more your style? Check out the SSC’s tutoring offerings. With special emphasis on 100- and 200- level courses, the SSC offers a variety of subjects for tutoring. Can’t find the tutoring support you need?  Let their office know by e-mailing Assistant Director Brandon Jones.

SSC data show that students who regularly attend tutoring and SI Sessions achieve higher academic success.

Remember, the SSC is here for you to help you achieve academic success. Stop by and see their staff today!