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UT’s Math Camp, a three-week boot camp that helps selected incoming freshmen prepare for math-intensive majors, has received $20,000 from Verizon.

The money will be used for operational costs of future Math Camps.

“We’re very grateful for Verizon for their generous donation in support of Math Camp.┬áThese funds will allow us to expand and improve this important student success initiative,” said R.J. Hinde, vice provost for academic affairs.

Math Camp was offered for the second time this summer. It targets students who scored less than 25 on the Math ACT. In addition to intense instruction, Math Camp offers participants an introduction to career placement, academic advising, a living-learning community, and social engagement to introduce students to UT and ease the transition to college.

Eighty-nine incoming freshmen attended this year’s Math Camp and, after taking a test at the conclusion of the camp, 63 percent placed into the more advanced course needed for their chosen major. Last year, about eighty students attended Math Camp and 57 percent of those who took the final exam were placed into more advanced courses. Those who stayed in the lower-level courses began the semester better equipped for the challenges of college algebra.

Here’s some of the feedback received from students who attended Math Camp:

  • “Math Camp helped my math skills excel and further encouraged me to study through the whole entire day.”
  • “I loved the lesson schedule of brilliant lectures, recitations, and highly capable tutors, and how it all came together to teach me more in three weeks than I have learned in years.”
  • “Math Camp really did help improve and refresh my math skills. Not only did it to that, but it also introduced me to life on campus early, which helped my transition to this university.”
  • “I enjoyed making friends that I can see myself knowing all four years of college and even after college.”

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