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The College of Law is one of the top ten law schools nationwide graduating students with the least debt, according to a new ranking by U.S. News and World Report.

UT Law places seventh in the U.S. News list of “10 Law Schools that Leave Grads with the Least Debt,” published September 1. Members of UT Law’s class of 2014 completed law school with an average debt load of $66,201, compared to a nationwide average debt load of $111,899 for all 2014 law school graduates in the United States.

“This report only confirms what we already know: that UT Law offers a superb legal education at a great value, with practical training against a theoretical background,” said Melanie D. Wilson, dean of the College of Law. “Thanks to competitive tuition rates and scholarship support from alumni and friends, our students are better equipped to launch their careers successfully immediately after graduation.”

UT Law ranks highly elsewhere in U.S. News and World Report, according to its 2016 graduate rankings. The college is home to the nation’s longest-running legal clinic, which ranks eighth among clinical training programs in public law schools. UT Law ranks fifty-second among all US law schools.


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