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“I’m a little bit superstitious sometimes,” said Val Tanco. “When I have hunches of something big, it usually ends up being right.”

On a hunch, Tanco and her wife, Sophy Jesty, kept their daughter Emilia out of day care the morning of June 26 and asked their friend and attorney Regina Lambert (LAW ’01) to meet them at the College of Veterinary Medicine, where they are both assistant professors.

They gathered with several friends and other vet school employees in the room where Jesty performs cardiology work on animals, a small closet of a room that she calls the “echo” room.

They were waiting to see if Tanco’s hunch was going to be right. They hoped the spotty wireless connection in the echo room would hold out long enough for them to follow a live blog of Supreme Court decisions to see if their marriage equality case would be included.

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