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The Off-Campus Merchants Program allows faculty, staff, and students with a VolCard (UT ID) to use their VolCard debit account to purchase goods and services at participating locations.

There are multiple ways you can make deposits to your VolCard debit account. You may deposit money in person at the VolCard office or online on the VolCard website. You may also transfer unused Flex Plan funds to your VolCard debit account at the end of each semester. Additionally, you have the option to transfer excess financial aid to your VolCard debit account at the beginning of each semester.

There have been questions about what plans can be accessed when you use your VolCard and what can be used as currency at on and off-campus locations. We have created the below guide to help you determine where you can use each account.

VolCard_VolUpdate v0.2

Read this guide as text.

Have questions about your VolCard Debit Account? Contact the VolCard Office at or 865-974-3430.

If you have questions about Dining Dollars and the Flex Plan, contact Volunteer Dining at or 865-974-4111.