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Joshua Sangoro, an assistant professor in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, has been recognized as a Top 100 reviewer by Macromolecules.

SangoroThe journal, a publication of the American Chemical Society, is the premier journal in polymer science and engineering, areas where Sangoro and his team have their expertise.

“I’m happy to be contributing to the field in any way I can,” said Sangoro. “This recognition just means we’re doing what we do best.”

Sangoro focuses on three main areas:

  • Transport properties of materials—Particularly the role of ions and their use in applications such as electrolytes.
  • Confinement of materials—A study of how the properties of materials change when confined to thin films and nanopores.
  • Eutectic materials—Research into materials that, when combined, produce substances with lower melting points than the pure materials.

The research could impact everything from energy to pharmaceuticals, leading to the kind of expertise that Macromolecules lauded in informing him of the selection.

“The quality of our published papers, and the speed at which they are processed, depend in large measure on the conscientiousness of a community of volunteers, and we are all very grateful for your help,” said Tim Lodge, the journal’s editor.

“We look forward to your continued support.”

Sangoro came to UT in 2013 after a stint at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.



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