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As part of the university’s successful Carnegie Community Engagement Classification application process, the Office of Research and Engagement has compiled a list of fifty of UT’s best community-campus partnerships. The university will be celebrating its status as an engaged institution throughout the year by featuring these individual examples in articles that highlight their unique contribution to the community.

Full-Service Community Schools

partnerships-TNTAimed at addressing the needs of Knoxville-area children and their families that are not met by public schools and human service agencies, this program seeks to improve educational outcomes and reduce the number of high school dropouts. The program also provides service-learning and career development opportunities for UT students in a broad array of academic disciplines.

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Project GRAD Summer Institute

Project GRAD Summer Institute enhances urban high school students’ academic skills in preparation for demanding college-level courses, and exposes the students to potential career paths through post-secondary education. In the most recent year, the Institute involved eleven graduate teaching assistants, eight faculty members from multiple disciplines, six educators representing three school districts, 145 high school students, and twelve pre-college mentors.

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