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He waves, he dances, he welcomes orientation families to campus—and when you see him, you can’t help smiling.

Each Monday and Thursday morning this summer, Nathan Kabir has been on the corner of Lake Loudoun Boulevard and Phillip Fulmer Way. His job has been to direct orientation traffic, but his mission has been to share some Volunteer cheer.

And what makes him so lively and chipper this early in the morning?

“Simply seeing everyone else getting excited and smiling while they drive by,” he said. “This is also aided by a cup of coffee, a granola bar, and the simple fact that I am a morning person.”

Kabir is a junior in civil engineering from Algood, Tennessee.

If you don’t take Lake Loudoun Boulevard in to campus, it might be worth a detour to see Kabir do his thing.

First-year student orientation ends July 9. For more information, visit the New Student and Family Programs website.