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Wayne Davis, dean of UT’s College of Engineering, recently received a high honor—the Chinese Academy of Engineering extended him an invitation to join the editorial review board of its publication Engineering.

Supported and encouraged by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, scholars and national engineering societies from across the globe, and several science-oriented publishers, Engineering aims to be a premier science-based journal looking at meeting humanity’s challenges in the coming years.

The format is intended to be one in which articles, research, and surveys help facilitate discussion on topics ranging from energy to infrastructure. In his role, Davis would be on the team reviews analyzing submissions for relevancy and accuracy, something he takes seriously.

“The Chinese Academy of Engineering is one of the premier groups in the world,” said Davis. “This publication can serve as a way to bring together some of the leading minds in science and engineering research and get us focused on solving some of the big issues of the day.

“This is a tremendous honor.”

Davis came to the attention of the academy when he spoke at the 2014 International Conference on Engineering Science and Technology in Beijing. Conference topics included China’s challenge to improve air and water quality, areas of Davis’s expertise.

As part of that experience, he listened to China’s president Xi Jinping, met with engineers from around the world, and delivered an address entitled “Control of Sulfur Emissions from Fossil Fuels—Successes and Challenges.”

Davis will have further personal contact with the academy when students from UT take part in the Global Grand Challenges Summit in September in Beijing.



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