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Sections of two City of Knoxville greenways that run through campus will be closed this summer as the Knoxville Utilities Board upgrades the area’s natural gas distribution system.

From mid-June to early August, the section of the Neyland Greenway in front of the UT Veterinary Medical Center and the UT Gardens on Neyland Drive will be closed. A detour will be set up along Joe Johnson Drive to bypass the closed section and reconnect to the Third Creek and Neyland Greenways.

From early August to early September, a section of the Third Creek Greenway that runs from the area behind University Commons through the Fulton Bottoms Field and up to the culvert at the greenway entrance to Tyson Park will be closed. A detour for this greenway will be provided along Joe Johnson Drive to Neyland Drive, across Kingston Pike, and reconnecting to the Third Creek Greenway on Concord Street.

The following campus parking areas and roadways will be impacted at various times throughout the project, including lane and road closures as well as traffic detours.

  • Staff 60 parking area behind the TVA greenhouse on the agriculture campus
  • Staff 66 parking area near Neyland Drive
  • Morgan Circle
  • River Drive
  • Joe Johnson Drive
  • Jacob Drive
  • Stephenson Drive
  • Joan Cronan Way

For more information on the project, visit the KUB website.

For more information on campus construction projects, visit the Cone Zone.