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11th-street-bridgeThe pedestrian bridge connecting the Eleventh Street Garage to the Hill will be closed starting Monday, June 1, for rust removal and repainting.

During the work, lanes of Cumberland Avenue beneath the bridge will be shifted to accommodate the project.

The bridge is scheduled to reopen in mid-July. Once the bridge is reopened, work crews will begin removing rust stains from the bricks beneath the bridge. The work should be finished by the start of the fall semester.

From the Eleventh Street garage, pedestrians can take the pathway from the garage west to Thirteenth Street and then to Cumberland Avenue.

Another option for pedestrians is to cross Cumberland Avenue at Eleventh Street, enter the Min H. Kao Building on Estabrook Drive, then take the elevator to Middle Drive and the Hill.

For more information, call 974-3061 or visit the Cone Zone.