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QuadPerspective-HighResAn upcoming landscape project aims to improve the overall appearance of the eastern edge of campus while providing an open, collaborative space for the College of Engineering.

The Engineering Quad and Estabrook Road Streetscape Improvement project starts May 11 and will bring cohesion to the area while updating its overall look.

The quad is designed to emphasize collaboration among the different disciplines in the College of Engineering by creating areas where students can interact with each other. The area also gives the college a central gathering space for events and other activities.

The new plaza will feature benches, tables, and bike hoops and preserve the area’s existing trees. A variety of seating will allow students to sit together in small groups or attend class outdoors. Access to the Science and Engineering Research Facility, Perkins Hall, and Ferris Hall will be improved. Wi-Fi connectivity will be enhanced through the area as well.

To accommodate the new plaza and improve pedestrian routes, a section of Middle Drive on the east side of the Hill will become a service-access-only road this fall.

Quad Will Link to an Improved Estabrook Road

A staircase from the quad will tie in to Estabrook Road, which stretches from the Tickle Engineering Building Bridge to Cumberland Avenue. The Estabrook Road element of the project will feature enhanced Wi-Fi access along with new seating, sidewalks, curbs, lighting, benches, and trees to create a parklike setting. Invasive plants will be removed to open up the area around an existing small amphitheater.

The chain-link fence along the street and some overhead utilities will be removed, and outdated lights will be replaced. All on-street parking will be closed along Estabrook Road on May 11 and will reopen by the fall semester.

Additional security cameras and UTPD blue phones will be placed throughout the streetscape area.

The project is set for completion by the start of the fall 2015 semester.

For more information on campus construction projects, visit the Cone Zone.


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