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Katie Hodges-Kluck, who recently completed her doctorate at UT, will present the last lecture in the Conversations and Cocktails series on Tuesday, May 5.

Katie Hodges-KluckHodges-Kluck will present “Lionheart’s Crusade: An Inside Look at Richard the Lionheart’s Role in the Third Crusade.” The event will be from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. at the Orangery, 5412 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, and is open to the public.

Conversations and Cocktails is a partnership between the UT Humanities Center and the Orangery. The series gives the public a chance to learn about and discuss history while enjoying Orangery favorites. The discussions are free, but for those choosing to dine, reservations are required. To reserve a table, call the Orangery at 865-588-2964.

Hodges-Kluck will discuss the twelfth-century English king Richard I “the Lionheart” and his role in the Third Crusade. She will look at his military exploits in Sicily and Cyprus, his slaughter of 2,700 Muslim prisoners after the siege of Acre, and his relationships with his fellow crusaders. She will also examine the political and religious implications of Richard the Lionheart’s failure to recapture Jerusalem from the Muslims, and what it meant for his legacy.

Hodges-Kluck will receive PhD in history from UT in May. Her main field of study is medieval European and Near Eastern history. Her research focuses on the development and expression of national identities in the Middle Ages. Hodges-Kluck also has received the UT history department’s Susan Becker Award for Excellence in Teaching.

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