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The United Kingdom’s Royal Academy of Engineering recently awarded awarded Thomas Zawodzinski, the Governor’s Chair Professor in Electrical Energy Storage, and Stephen J. Paddison, the Gibson Endowed Chair in Engineering at UT, Distinguished Visiting Fellowships.

Both professors serve in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.

Thomas Zawodzinski

The program was established to develop capacity and facilitate collaborations by distinguished international experts with UK universities. With only three total professors from the United States being selected the previous year, having two from the same college, let alone the same department, is an amazing accomplishment.

Paddison, who is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry among other notable organizations, will spend a month in the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy at the University of Cambridge.

He and his host, James A. Elliott, a reader in the department, will visit research groups at Imperial College London, the University of Surrey and the University of St. Andrews.

“Although I have spent significant time in the past at Cambridge University as a Visiting Fellow and Scholar, this is nevertheless a real privilege and honor that promises to be another intellectual and fruitful experience,” said Paddison.

Paddison will spend the month of June in the UK and will present lectures and seminars on the multiscale modeling of materials for batteries and fuel cells.

Zawodzinski will spend part of the upcoming summer visiting the laboratory of Professor Nigel Brandon, Department of Earth Science and Engineering at Imperial College in London to continue collaborative work.

Research proposals will be formulated to forge connections and collaborations between UT and the various UK institutions.


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