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Beginning this summer, the Haslam College of Business will offer undergraduate students a selection of online courses. The Business Online Summer Session is intended to give business minors and students in other fields of study an opportunity to pursue coursework remotely.

The courses will allow students to take class as it suits their schedule rather than at a prescribed time. Recorded lectures will be available online, and students will have several opportunities for online group discussions each week.

Registration begins February 26.

“These courses give our students the flexibility to go on study abroad trips, work onsite at internships, or simply get home for the summer and still make progress with their coursework,” said Mark Collins, director of technology-enhanced undergraduate programs at the Haslam College of Business. “They can experience the same rigorous and high-quality courses that the Haslam College of Business has always offered.”

The program was created to help students graduate on time, with classes that count toward degree requirements.

Online courses to be offered this summer include Management 201, Economics 201, and Statistics 201. Depending on the success of the program, Collins said the college hopes to add three additional classes in 2016, with more in years to come, including classes necessary to the business major.

All online business courses are a full summer session.

For more information about the online business courses, visit the website.