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The User-Experience Lab supports interdisciplinary research by faculty, researchers, and graduate students. The UXL has instrumentation that can explore users’ experiences with technology by making accurate, empirical measurements as users perform tasks on a product or system (e.g., website or web application on mobile devices or laptops). This includes measures of satisfaction levels with the experience, and whether there is confusion or frustration while performing tasks. The UXL also has instrumentation that supports behavioral science-related studies.

Among the UXL’s services and capabilities are:

  • Providing heuristic reviews to identify potential usability issues
  • User testing studying think-aloud explanations, keystroke and mouse-movement capture, and eye-tracking testing to determine direction and fixation of the user’s gaze, as well as measuring attraction and performance
  • EEG testing to measure brain activity in response to external stimuli
  • Portable user-testing, including set-up and technical support
  • Usability equipment training
  • State of the art focus group room equipped with one-way mirror for observation.

The UXL is in Communications Building Room 230, 1345 Circle Park Drive. It was created through a collaboration between the College of Communication and Information and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Interested? Demonstrations and tours can be arranged by contacting Rachel Volentine, the lab’s coordinator. Additionally, reservations forms and the lab’s calendar are available on the Center for Information and Communications Studies website.


Rachel Volentine (865-974-9865,