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Work is underway to refresh the Vol Vision/Journey to the Top 25 strategic plan. The campus will be reviewing accomplishments, identifying areas where more progress is needed, and updating metrics of the Top 25 initiative.

Steven Smith, dean of UT Libraries, is leading the Milestone Review Committee. This group will engage the campus community in setting goals for the next five years and updating the strategic plan.

From now until May, the committee will focus on assessing current progress, studying external factors that may impact work, evaluating our progress compared to that of our peers, and pinpointing gaps. The committee also will begin orienting campus to the process and seeking opportunities for feedback.

The committee will then share the strategic assessment with campus and spend several months seeking input from stakeholders, including students, faculty, parents, community members, legislative representatives, and others who have an interest in higher education and our university. The committee’s recommendations—due to Provost Susan Martin in mid-December 2015—will serve as the groundwork for the Vol Vision/Journey to the Top 25 update.

Members of the Milestone Review Committee are Annette Ranft, Reagan Professor of Business and associate dean for academic affairs, Haslam College of Business; Chris Cox, associate head of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and director of the Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment; David Golden, professor of food science and technology and Faculty Senate past president; Larry McKay, Jones Professor of Hydrogeology and head of the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences; Mark Dean, John Fisher Distinguished Professor in the College of Engineering; Tina Shepardson, associate professor of religious studies; Catherine Luther, associate dean for academic programs, College of Communication and Information; Susan Benner, associate dean, professional licensure, and director of the Graduate School of Education, College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences; Beth Schussler, associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology and director of biology teaching and learning; Frank Cuevas, assistant vice chancellor for student life and executive director of University Housing; Lee Patouillet, associate vice chancellor, Alumni Affairs; Erik Bledsoe, director of Creative Communications; Janet Nelson, associate vice chancellor for research development; Jonee Lindstrom, associate vice chancellor, finance and administration; Jon Gilbert, executive senior associate athletics director; Mary Lucal, interim assistant vice chancellor for human resources; Serena Matsunaga, academic analytics and university strategy advisor; Denise Gardner, assistant provost and director of the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment; Rickey Hall, vice chancellor for diversity; Beverly Banks, undergraduate student; Loren Lee, undergraduate student; and Jeremy Auerbach, graduate student.