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Professor Uses Plantations to Examine Race in America

WBIR-TV interviewed Derek Alderman about his new research project. Alderman, head of the university’s geography department, has received $62,000 from the National Science Foundation to study how the representation of Southern slavery at tourism sites is changing. The research will use plantations to understand ongoing debates about race relations, racism, and white supremacy within the

Facilities Fee: Where Does It Go?

How does the university spend the money collected from the various mandatory fees you pay? Below we break down how your money is spent on campus facilities. The Facilities Fee Advisory Committee is made up of students, faculty, and staff who review all proposals to ensure effective use of the funds. The SGA president appoints students

Faculty Asked to Complete COACHE Survey

All tenured and nontenured instructional faculty will receive the COACHE workplace satisfaction survey to complete next week. Administered every three years, the survey is part of the university’s participation in the Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Faculty will receive the survey via an email from