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UT Recycling has opened the only officially designated public recycling drop-off site on campus.

UT students, faculty, and staff are invited to drop off their recyclable materials at Dock 25 of the Fleming Warehouse, 2121 Stephenson Drive.

Items accepted include paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, steel and aluminum cans, electronic waste, printer cartridges, batteries, and scrap metal.

Each of these materials can be deposited separately at the site, making it the first of its kind on campus.

UT Recycling’s aim was to be as inclusive as possible, which led to the addition of battery, electronic, scrap metal, and printer cartridge collections.

Public Recycling Drop-offIn addition to the new recycling drop-off site, UT Recycling is providing at least one recycling dumpster at all residence halls with the exception of Laurel Apartments, which is already furnished with twenty on-site recycling bins.

These additions, which were purchased by UT Housing, will help to streamline collection, add capacity, and improve the aesthetics of recycling at UT’s residence halls.

The new residence hall under construction on the site of the former Gibbs Hall will feature a compactor for mixed recycling, cardboard, and trash, as well as a designated spot for compost containers and a wash-out area for bins.

For more information about campus recycling programs or the recycling drop-off site, contact UT Recycling at 974-3480 or visit


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