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There are just two days left to take the 2014 Employee Engagement Survey.

UT’s statewide participation is now at 48 percent; the goal is 65 percent.

UT Knoxville’s participation rate is currently 46 percent. As of Wednesday, 2,332 employees of UT Knoxville’s 5,040 eligible employees have taken the survey. The UT Knoxville goal is 65 percent.

Fifty-eight percent of eligible Institute of Agriculture employees have completed the survey. The goal is 72 percent.

The UT System has a 73 percent participation rate; the goal is 80 percent. The UT Space Institute has surpassed its goal of 75 percent participation. More than 85 percent have taken the survey at UTSI.

The UT Foundation is close to meeting its 80 percent participation goal; 75 percent have now taken the survey.

Human Resources is asking all supervisors to walk the halls of their buildings to ask employees if they have taken the survey.

People are also encouraged to print this poster (pdf) to help people remember. The poster can be placed on doorways, near employee mailboxes, in copy and supply rooms, or even on department refrigerators.

Earlier this week, a creative dean and business manager visited departments with trays of cookies to thank employees for their participation.

Eligible employees have received e-mail invitations from ModernThink. The e-mail invitation contains a unique login and password needed to access the survey site. ModernThink can send a new invitation to employees who call the help desk at 888-684-4658 or send an e-mail to

Survey instructions can be found on the Human Resources website.