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The Humanities Center has received a substantial gift.

The John C. Hodges Trustees have gifted the center with $200,000—the largest single gift awarded by the trustees and largest ever to the center. The funds will go into an endowment that supports center activities for faculty and students.

The Hodges Trustees are full and emeritus professors of the Department of English.

They oversee the John C. Hodges Better English Endowment which was established by a generous bequest from Professor John C. Hodges, a scholar of eighteenth-century British literature, the former head of the department, and the author of The Hodges Harbrace Handbook.

“This donation goes a long way in speaking to a wider community about the faculty’s support for the Humanities Center,” said Thomas Heffernan, the Kenneth Curry Professor in the Humanities and director of the center. “Rarely do faculty members commit financially on such a scale to the university. Typically, such generous support comes from outside the university.”

The Humanities Center aims to deepen and enrich research in art, history, languages, music, philosophy, and religious studies, and in those disciplines that draw on humanistic disciplines. It is housed in Melrose Hall and is a center in the College of Arts and Sciences. There are presently thirteen faculty members and graduate students researching in the center. For more information about the center, visit the center’s website.

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