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utalertThe university plans to test the UT Alert text and e-mail messaging system at 1:10 p.m. on Friday, September 12.

If you are subscribed to the system and all of your contact information is up to date, you will receive a test text message from the number 44515. If you have subscribed for both the text and e-mail message options, you should receive the test message both ways.

If you have not signed up for UT Alert, please enroll now so you can receive important emergency messages. You will need your NetID and password and your mobile number.

For the first time, we will be testing a new UT Alert feature designed to help us manage a large-scale campus emergency. The message you receive will ask you to respond by choosing one of two options:

“I am OK, let people know.”


“I am OK, but do not publish my name.”

The ability to receive quick information from our subscribers allows us to account for a large percentage of our campus community. This helps to improve upon the information we can share with the public by posting names on Operators in our Emergency Call Center also would use this information to respond to family and friends who may call because they are having trouble connecting with you.

The second option, “I am OK, but do not publish my information,” allows us to exclude students, faculty, and staff who prefer privacy. We would not release their names as having reported being safe.

UT Alert messages are sent only during serious emergencies when situations require you to act immediately or to be aware of an imminent threat to your safety. We will also use the system to let you know about severe weather and major facilities issues impacting a large portion of campus.

For more information, visit the UT Alert website. For assistance with signing up or updating your information, e-mail