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UT faculty members were recognized at an Oak Ridge National Laboratory event Thursday. The four researchers are participants in the UT-ORNL Collaborative Cohort Program. Under the new UT-ORNL Science Alliance program, underrepresented UT junior faculty will collaborate with ORNL early career scientists.

Recognized participants were Tessa Burch-Smith, assistant professor of biochemistry and cellular and molecular biology, who will examine development of a reverse genetic system for studying gene function in Crassulacean acid metabolism plants; Tessa Calhoun, assistant professor of chemistry, who will study rapid-scanning transient absorption imaging of heterogeneous microenvironments; Joshua Sangoro, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, who will study structure-morphology-property relationships in polymerized ionic liquids; and Stephanie TerMaath, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, who will study supercomputing for multidisciplinary optimization of obstructed ventricular catheters.

Information on the UT-ORNL Science Alliance Collaborate Cohort program is available on the Science Alliance website.

Also recognized were the lab’s first Liane B. Russell Distinguished Early Career Fellows. The three fellows were greeted by Russell herself, a mammalian geneticist.