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William Weber

The strong relationship between UT and Oak Ridge National Laboratory was on display once again recently, this time thanks to the scientific journal Nuclear Instruments a Physics Research, which focused on the Ion Beam Materials Laboratory—operated jointly by UT and ORNL through Governor’s Chair funds.

The report in the journal, “Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms,” includes contributions from several UT faculty members and students, including Governor’s Chair for Radiation Effects William Weber. 

Yanwen Zhang

In addition to Weber, other members of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering on the team included Associate Professor Yanwen Zhang, who, like Weber, is a joint UT-ORNL faculty member, post-doctoral research associates Miguel Crespillo and Joseph Graham and graduate students Haizhou Xue, Ke Jin, Chien-Hung Chen all took part in the research.

ORNL’s Cristiano Fontana was also part of the effort.

More on the team’s report can be read at Science Direct.