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UT’s recycling program has expanded to fraternity housing. The initiative, which launched last week, provides recycling containers in and around houses on Fraternity Park Drive.

The plan includes the addition of 95-gallon recycling containers to each of the dumpster enclosures around Fraternity Park, which will be emptied weekly on Mondays and Fridays. These containers are for paper, aluminum and steel cans, glass, and plastics.

In addition, containers for flattened cardboard have been added to each dumpster enclosure, to be emptied daily. Each fraternity has also received a 32-gallon recycling bin inside the house.

“We need help promoting recycling throughout Fraternity Park,” said UT Recycling Manager Jay Price. “We’re trying to keep the recycling as simple as possible, with almost all recyclables going into one container.”

The only recyclable item that needs to be kept separate is corrugated cardboard like pizza and moving boxes. This is something UT Recycling expects to see a lot of in the weeks following move-in.

Temporary additions to Fraternity Park for the start of classes are two large, open-top dumpsters for bulk waste such as large appliances and furniture. Such bulky items can jam regular dumpsters and damage the garbage trucks that attempt to empty them.

“Use of these larger dumpsters for bulky waste that cannot be recycled will help keep the area clean and prevent damage to equipment,” Price said. “We hope the students will use them for the big bulky items that often come out of the houses during this time.”

The open-top dumpsters will remain at Fraternity Park until August 27. The dumpsters will return on the last day of classes next spring and will be in place for three weeks.

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