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As the fall semester gets underway, a few adjustments have been made to designated parking for commuter and residential students.

As a reminder, students must have a permit to park in designated spots. Students can purchase fall 2014 and spring 2015 parking permits online. The ten-month (mid-August through mid-May) permits cost $285 for noncommuters (students living on campus) and $182 for commuters (students living off campus and commuting daily).

All students are encouraged to ride the T from various points around campus. You can track the buses live by downloading UT’s mobile app, which also includes a campus map.

Here is a list of the parking adjustments:

Lake Avenue Garage

The entire Lake Avenue garage is now noncommuter (N-6).

White Avenue Garage

More commuter spaces have been added to the White Avenue Garage (G-12). The White Avenue garage now has fewer noncommuter (N-4) spots on the south side of the top level.

Parking lot near Laurel Apartments

The C-9 commuter parking lot across from Laurel Apartments is now designated all noncommuter (N-21).

Additional commuter spaces

Commuter spots have been added to the White Avenue Garage, as noted, and Pat Summitt Street next to the Lindsey Nelson Baseball Stadium.

About eighty-seven spots will be added to the north side of Fraternity Park after August 15. These on-street spaces along Fraternity Park Drive will be marked GF5, GF6, GF7, GF8, and GF9.

For more information about changes or general questions, visit Parking and Transit Services at 2121 Stephenson Drive or call 865-974-6031. More information can be found at