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Several adjustments were made to faculty and staff parking earlier this month, in preparation for the new academic year.

  • Staff Lot 7, across from Jessie Harris Building on Thirteenth Street, has been expanded by thirty spaces.
  • Staff Lot 9, across from Neyland Stadium, has lost fifty-six spaces through improvements that were made to the lot this summer.
  • Staff Lot 23 parking has been expanded to include the on-street spaces on Pat Head Summitt Street across from Temple Hall and near the Haslam Music Center.
  • The upper section of Staff Lot 23 is closed due to construction on the steam plant.
  • Staff Lot 28 parking, off Lake Loudoun Boulevard, has been expanded to include on-street spaces on Chamique Holdsclaw Drive across the street from the Anderson Training Center.

If you have questions about any of the changes, please contact Parking and Transit Services at 865-974-6031 or