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Claudia_RawnCollege of Engineering associate professor Claudia Rawn has been named a 2014 ASM International Fellow, earning one of the highest honors attainable in her field.

“I’m thrilled,” said Rawn, a faculty member of theDepartment of Materials Science and Engineering. “To join the other colleagues of mine in the department who have been made fellows is a tremendous honor.”

Rawn is the third member of the department to be honored in the last seven years, but her participation with ASM, formerly the American Society for Metals, goes back much further. She first began working with the group as a student before switching organizations during postdoctoral study.

After that brief time away, Rawn became reacquainted with the group after coming to Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 1997, then even more so once she joined the UT staff a decade ago.

“Being made a fellow brings it back around to where I started as a student,” said Rawn.

Since that time, she has helped out with projects, camps, contests, and conferences, and is active in a number of different roles on campus.

She is director of the Center for Materials Processing and a member of both iBME, the Institute for Biomedical Engineering, and JIAM, the Joint Institute for Advanced Materials. She has helped organize her department’s Materials Camp since 2004.

ASM started its fellows program in 1969 to help recognize specific achievements or contributions to the field of materials science.

In Rawn’s case, the award stems from her work using in situ X-ray and neutron diffraction to study a variety of novel energy materials from superconductors to gas hydrates. She, and other members of this year’s class, will be formally inducted at an Oct. 14 meeting in Pittsburgh.

While the honor itself is nice, being recognized in front of her peers validates a lifetime of giving back to her field.

“I have a lot of pride in what we do, and I know a lot of the people in the organization,” said Rawn. “There’s no other way to say how much it means. It’s just a thrill.”

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