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TennToday-frontpageWelcome to the redesigned Tennessee Today website, the hub for news on our campus. As you look around the site, you will notice major changes.

The redesigned home page showcases top UT headlines and latest news, and allows readers to search the site. This page serves as the university’s primary news site.

The redesign has improved the mobile version of the site, making it easier to read stories from your phone or tablet. It also gives us the ability to highlight more news from our colleges as well as a more efficient means of reading stories on the same topic. Our next step is to use a responsive design approach to revamp the Tennessee Today e-newsletter.

We recognize that great research, outreach, and philanthropy come from our academic units and the importance of highlighting these efforts is a priority in this redesign. At the bottom of the page, we showcase other campus publications and link to pages dedicated to each college’s news stories.

We now have a way to view past issues of the e-newsletter. On the home page, scroll halfway down the page and look for the heading “Our Newsletter.” From here, use the archives drop down to navigate to previous issues.

The new “News Around Our Campus” section allows us to keep front and center important campus initiatives such as sustainability, Welcome Week, Faculty Appreciation Week, and more. We hope this section will help our campus community stay abreast of longterm news.

On individual story pages, you can now navigate to more stories about similar topics and headlines, and view the latest stories we’re publishing throughout the day.

More and more Tennessee Today website traffic is coming from mobile devices. This redesign leverages responsive web design to provide the best possible experience to our users whether they are viewing our website on their phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

We hope you take time to get to know your campus news source and send any feedback to