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In an effort to increase enrollment and the use of campus facilities during the summer, UT is now offering a twelve-month housing program for contracts that begin this fall.

This new option is the result of recommendations from the Summer Term Task Force.  Making the summer term a more viable option for students helps improve the university’s four-year graduation rate and continues to push the university to its goal of becoming a Top 25 public research university.

Summer school has become a more feasible option for students in the past two years with the change in the HOPE Scholarship guidelines, allowing students to use their scholarship funds for summer tuition if they take at least 6 credit hours and meet GPA requirements. A good housing option can also be a factor in whether a student stays in Knoxville and enrolls in summer school, said Frank Cuevas, executive director of University Housing.

“The twelve-month housing program adds another option for students that has not been available before and builds on the university’s momentum of providing a more vibrant, culturally exciting environment that brings in more activity during this time of year,” said Cuevas.

UT Housing seeks to attract more graduate and international students staying in Knoxville during the summer while they take summer classes or participate in local internships. Year-long contracts are available for all current students, including freshmen.

Housing will be available in Laurel Hall, an apartment-style residence hall located north of the main campus at 1615 Laurel Ave. The apartments include a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom.

Students will be able to live in these apartments for summer sessions and throughout all academic breaks, including Thanksgiving, and winter and spring recesses.

Rates are per semester and the summer rates are rolled into the fall and spring semester housing payment rates.

Over the past several years, roughly 9,000 students have taken classes each summer at UT.

For more information about the twelve-month housing program, visit the University Housing website.

For more information about summer school, click here.

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