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With the transition to in-house custodial services on the Knoxville campus now complete, the Building Services division of UT’s Facilities Services is making the same change at the Institute of Agriculture.

The switch began March 5 with McCord Hall, Morgan Hall, Food Safety and Processing, McLeod Food Technology, and a greenhouse. The transition is slated for completion by July 1.

The decision to use in-house services is designed to improve the appearance of buildings and increase the level of service.

The main campus transition was completed in January with the Bass Building, the Clarence Brown Theatre, the Carousel Theatre, Anthropology Department offices on Lake Avenue, the Ceramic Annex, and TANDEC.

The latest phase of the project has required the hiring of four new employees. A total of seventeen new employees are expected to be hired by the end of the project.

The successful completion will result in students, faculty, staff, and campus community members being welcomed back to well-maintained buildings with improved service for the fall semester.

“We want to bring a better level of service to campus—that is our goal,” said Gordon Nelson, assistant director of Building Services.

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